Event location

Palazzo civico of Bellinzona


Those who want not just to admire Bellinzona, but rather to understand it, should start their tour from the Town Hall where the City Council Hall and the Patrician's Hall are located. In its spectacular inner courtyard, where an unmistakable southern atmosphere reigns, images in the arches of the loggias narrate the eventful history of the "city of towers." In its present appearance, the City Town Hall is owed to the design drawn up between 1921 and 1923 by architect Enea Tallone (Milan 1876 - Lamone-Lugano 1937). Construction lasted from 1924 through 1926 while the inauguration was held in 1929, in conjunction with the Federal Shooting, organized that year in Bellinzona.


The City Council Hall shows a panoramic painting covering the entire wall shows the developing Bellinzona of the 18th century from an aerial perspective. Definitely a striking, different and intriguing place where the first part of MobLabMeets will take place. The Patrician Hall will host the apéro after the conclusion of the official event and is distinguished with a large central table made of antique solid wood and a monumental stone fireplace. The walls are wood-paneled and wrought-iron chandeliers hang from the coffered ceilings.

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