Un evento diverso e coinvolgente.
Sala del Consiglio comunale, Bellinzona, 13.12.2023, 17:00

Welcome to the Winter event you cannot miss


December 13, 2023, Bellinzona


It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to join me and our guests in Bellinzona on December 13, 2023, for the “winter edition” of MobLabMeets. After the successful “summer edition” at the Locarno Film Festival on August 9, we are very happy to meet again in person, and for the second time in 2023, for a MobLab event. Winter is well known for snow and cold weather which is at the antipode of MobLabMeets “summer edition” that was held outdoors. This will not hamper us to prepare again something different and inclusive. Continuing on the footsteps of our first event, we have found again a unique location: we will be guest at the Bellinzona’s City Hall in the “Sala del Consiglio Comunale”. An iconic, traditional, and selected venue with a lot of history and “stories to tell”. It is said that the “Palazzo Civico” is a is an institution, a landmark, a place that inspires as soon as you enter the building and especially in winter this is true! After the presentation and discussions, we will get together for an informal apéro in the “Sala Patriziale”. As we did in the summer, we will keep up the same vibes, the same attitude, and the same relaxed atmosphere.


We will share ideas, learn from each other, and focus on how each one of us can contribute to ensuring a sustainable future in the mobility sector. On behalf of the MobLab foundation, I very much look forward to welcoming you to Bellinzona.



“Nothing happens until something moves”

- Albert Einstein



What is MobLabMeets?

MobLabMeets is a new innovative, creative, and interactive event format. It takes place twice a year in summer outdoors and in winter indoors and covers different topics related to mobility. Like in summer, MobLabMeets will be held different languages for both the presentation and the panel discussion.


For a memorable and exclusive experience, we have thought of something engaging and special this year: a collaboration with Ticino Turismo. Mobility and tourism go hand in hand and therefore we could not think of a better partner for this event. And this is to reiterate that Ticino is not only a summer destination, but Ticino can also be competitive and attractive in winter also.


There are some differences, beside the weather, between the summer and the winter event: the latter is by invitation respectively by registration only, it is more for professionals, and it is more technical. The summer event focuses more to an open discussion on general topics towards the mobility of the future, registration is not mandatory (but is welcome) and it is also open to passer-by.


MobLabMeets, where culture meets innovation and technology.

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