Contacts and organization

Event Contact

Center MobLab
Viale Officina 18
CH-6500 Bellinzona

Simone Bernasconi
Managing Director
+41 91 866 22 22
+41 79 559 29 29


Our team

We see ourselves as much more than just an organization, but as a family of like-minded, kind and talented people who love to collaborate to influence the future of mobility. Sometimes we allow ourselves to develop some awesome sh*t, like this unique event or other campaigns promoting a sustainable approach to mobility.


Being a small organization, it helps to create strong connections. We’re definitely close-knit, but not in a weird, creepy kind of way. We genuinely like each other and like to spend time together, whether it’s for a quick cappuccino break, a lunch or even a social event.


While we love what we do, we know that life is about more than work and that we each have one beyond MobLab. We value healthy boundaries and will never ask the team to constantly work late or on weekends (unless it’s for something unique, interesting, and fun). And we know that the team really appreciate that!


We’ve always had a flexible approach to working from home and totally understand if you need to stay in or things come up. Life happens!


This is us and we welcome you in our world with a big smile, ready to support you!

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