Certificate of Advanced Studies SUPSI in Advanced Mobility Management

Students will be learning about Mobility Management and Operations in a wide context. You will receive the most relevant notions of the regulatory framework, communication and information techniques, today’s security challenges as well as capital investment. Additionally, you will be working on the economical and marketing side of mobility, with a plus on visibility achievement and promotion. How operations are managed, or better, how shall be managed in the future will round-up this CAS.


Project work:
Apply the regulatory framework, the communication, information, & security aspects, the marketing, business plan and assets management knowledge and an operational plan to a:
1. Futuristic mobility system.
2. Disruptive city/megacity/country mobility system.

Note: if you did not participate in the AMS course, a fictive case will be given to the students.



  • Transportation systems
  • Strategy & regulations
  • Asset management
  • Information & communication
  • Security & threats management
  • Marketing, advertising & sales
  • Operation management & simulation