Master of Advanced Studies SUPSI

in Future Mobility and Innovation (FMI)

The knowledge, management and development of a sustainable and efficient mobility are key factors for corporate and industrial success.

Mobility is part of a multisectoral and interdisciplinary industry that regularly produces and brings to market new products and concepts. It is therefore implicit that new pioneering approaches are now required to meet the challenges of the future. For this reason, preparing the next generation of mobility experts has become crucial to a strong, stable, and sustainable economy.

As a holder of a Master in Future Mobility and Innovation (FMI), you will be recognized as a specialist in the sector. You will have a proven ability to master the related topics and you will be given the necessary tools for further professional development.

The education programme aims to train and provide updates to professionals in the various fields of transport engineering and integrated mobility. With FMI, you will progress towards new dimensions: you will not only become a mobility manager, but rather  a  leader, an expert in the mobility of today and tomorrow.

FMI is a part-time programme that allows a balance between work, professional development and private life. The evolution of mobility, the social context and the development of new learning concepts have made it possible to build a course that combines in-person workshops, online lessons, and individual study moments.





Nothing happens until something moves.
Albert Einstein



FMR, exploring future mobility.