Master of Advanced Studies SUPSI
in Railways and Sustainable Mobility (RSM)

An integrated approach for the next generation of mobility professionals.

Transportation is becoming a multisector and interdisciplinary industry, with continuously new products and concepts coming to the market. New pioneering approaches are urgently required to tackle the challenges of the next decades.


The understanding, the management, and the development of a sustainable mobility: a key factor for corporate and industrial success.


Therefore, preparing the next generation mobility experts is becoming the central aspect for a flourishing economy.


As a holder of a degree of the Railways and Sustainable Mobility (RSM) Program, you are a recognized specialist in this discipline. You have a proven ability to master complexity and you are equipped with the fundamentals for further professional development.


With RSM you grow to new dimensions: not a mobility manager, a mobility and technical leader!


An investment of 2 part-time years.


RSM, exploring mobility.