Sustainable Mobility and Innovation Conference

December 2, 2020, Palacinema - Locarno

Welcome to MobLab20

The 5th International Conference on Sustainable Mobility, Industry and Innovation (MobLab2020) will be held in Locarno, Switzerland December 2, 2020, and I look forward to a successful event thanks to the support of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland (SUPSI), the City of Bellinzona and the Regional Economic Development Body Bellinzonese e Valli (ERS-BV).

How do we travel today? How will be the future of Mobility? What are the challenges ahead?

These are only some of the questions we want to tackle during this years’ conference. We will be hovering over the planet observing the mobility map from above. With this view, it appears clear that all means of transportation shall be somehow connected or share common interchanges. During the conference, we will have reflections on the topics (connection, interchange) across all transportations means in an attempt to understand what are the improvements margins (efficiency, economics, sustainability, industrial) in the short and medium-term. Further topics such as new transportation means, industrial development, sustainability and security will also be treated.

We will travel virtually in an interconnected transport gateway and we will be living a unique experience with high-tech contents aiming at the ultimate frontier of travel: “the travel independence and exceptional experience”.

At the end of this Conference, we hope that attendees feel that they have garnered the most up-to-date information available in mobility, railways and innovation.


Looking forward to welcoming you to Locarno!



Simone Bernasconi

President Conference  MobLab2020

Managing Director MobLab

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