The Economy Division informs the Government of the economic situation of the canton and, based on governmental choices, takes the necessary steps to promote the economy. Despite the limited scope of the Canton's competences, the promotion activity affects all economic sectors, supporting private initiative and developing existing activities to strengthen the cantonal economic fabric, encourage the creation of employment and income.


The city of Bellinzona, through the Town Hall, promotes activities and projects in favor of sustainable mobility, particularly in Bellinzona. It supports the activities that improve the economic development of the region, favoring the creation of new jobs.


Città di Bellinzona


The University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland (SUPSI) is one of the nine professional universities recognized by the Swiss Confederation. SUPSI pursues a policy of sustainability, encouraging staff and students to use the public transport and sustainable mobility forms. He is currently working with the Competence centre msfi for the construction of the Master of Advanced Studies in Railways and Sustainable (RSM) in Ticino.




SBB is the backbone of the Swiss public transport system, and day-to-day rail operations are the basis of what we do. SBB has been transporting people and freight for more than 100 years. By doing so, they are making an important contribution to the quality of life and competitiveness in Switzerland. They want to continue this success story, even in times when the entire economy and society, including the mobility industry, are undergoing profound changes. They will therefore continue to fulfil responsibility towards public transport and Switzerland in future.



ente regionale per lo sviluppobellinzonese e valli

L’Ente regionale per lo sviluppo Bellinzonese e Valli supports regional economic development in the territory of 4 districts: the Bellinzonese, the Riviera, the Leventina Valley and the Blenio Valley. In particular, it promotes and participates in sustainable mobility projects affecting all districts.


L’ente Regionale per lo sviluppo del Mendrisiotto e Basso Ceresio valorizza il potenziale economico e territoriale della regione. Partecipa al capitale iniziale della fondazione ed è rappresentato da un membro nel Consiglio di Fondazione.