About Locarno

Known to many as the place where the “Locarno Treaties” were signed, the city on the Verbano is characterized by its picturesque atmosphere and rich history. The old part of town, known as Città Vecchia, is full of interesting surprises: do not miss the palaces, churches, the Visconti Castle and the narrow alleys in which you breathe peace and tranquility. 


The rich artistic patrimony of the region comes especially alive in the Piazza Grande, Locarno’s pulsating heart, home to most of the cultural and recreational activities in the region. From the renowned Locarno Festival to the concerts of Moon and Stars, from the captivating Locarno on Ice to the popular festivities and the local market: the Piazza offers unique experiences that reflect both the rich tradition and innovative creativity of the city of Locarno, which has become one of the mundane destinations in the Lake Maggiore region.

In Locarno both lake and mountains dominate the landscape. Only a few steps away from Lake Maggiore, you can take the funicular from Locarno to Orselina and then the Orselina-Cardada cable car, which connects to the Cardada-Cimetta chair lift – both of which have been completely redone by architect Mario Botta. In little time you will find yourself at an altitude of 1,670 meters: the view is guaranteed to be breathtaking, come and see!


Source: https://www.ascona-locarno.com/en/

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