Master of Advanced Studies in Future Mobility and Railway

The Program on Future Mobility and Railway (FMR) trains both for technical and management leaders, is intended for careers in the transportation industry and in the public/private sectors of mobility & transportation.


FMR is a part-time program that allows for work-life balance and professional development. Four independent CAS build the complete MAS program. Students need to complete three CAS and a Master Thesis to obtain the MAS in Future Mobility and Railway (FMR).


The FMR Program is an evolution of the RSM Program, which was offered over a two-and-a-half-year period (2018-2021) by SUPSI. We fully reviewed student feedback, the changing mobility and social environment and the development of new learning concepts to establish a consolidated version of the RSM Program, which is more accessible, focused and tailored to the new requirements of the sector.