Certificate of Advanced Studies SUPSI in Railway Vehicles Technology (RVT)


Railway technology is undergoing a strong evolution and is reinvented day by day.
The general objective of this CAS is to model highly skilled professionals in the railway vehicles field.

This CAS is a building block of the MAS Railways and Sustainable Mobility (RSM). It trains both technical and management leaders, seeking a career in the transportation industry and in the public/private sectors of mobility & transportation. Participants acquire the skills needed for careers in the research and development, production, consultancy and public institutions departments and to be capable of taking responsibility for managing complex interdisciplinary projects.

Attendees are going to study railways engineering in a wide context and learn the most important concepts of vehicle design, traction and control. They will be able to understand and manage technical information, complex projects and understand how a railway vehicle is conceived, specified, developed, produced, tested and put into operation. This technical course will allow participants to be comfortable in every situation. It will not matter if the topic is of mechanical, electrical or of IT nature, attendees will become a knowledgeable and reliable counterpart.



  • Train the future technical coordinators and project managers of the vehicle railways sector
  • Know, understand, and evaluate the different types of railway vehicles
  • Know and understand the technical characteristics of vehicles
  • Know, describe, and understand the interaction of the main elements of traction and vehicle control
  • Manage complex and interdisciplinary technical railway vehicles projects
  • Correctly apply the technical competencies (problem-solving, analysis, implementation)
  • Know, understand, and correctly use the terminology of the field
  • Understand and correctly utilize the regulatory framework


Intended Audience
This CAS is devised for managers, experienced employees and all professionals involved in the management in the railways and mobility sectors as well as to people interested to work in this department through the acquisition of the knowhow provided by this course.


Training applications

  • Talent development training program
  • Internal employee re-qualification or certification
  • Introduction program for new hired staff
  • Experienced employee cross-qualification
  • Independent professional certification




1a. Introduction/Basics of Rolling stock (ROS) - 12 hours (1 ECTS)

1b. Mechanical Systems (MES) - 24 hours (2 ECTS)

1c. Brake System (BRS) - 12 hours (1 ECTS)

1d. Wheelsets & Bogie (WHB) - 12 hours (1 ECTS)

1e. Electrical Traction System (ETS) - 16 hours (1.3 ECTS)

1f. Thermal Traction System (TTS) - 8 hours (0.7 ECTS)

2. Vehicle Control Systems (VCS) - 16 hours (1.3 ECTS)

3. Safety Systems (SSY) - 8 hours (0.7 ECTS)

4. System integration (SYI) - 24 hours (2 ECTS) 


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Introduction/Basics of Rolling stock

11 September 2020, 12 September 2020


Mechanical Systems

12 September 2020, 18 September 2020, 7 November 2020, 14 November 2020


Brake Systems

19 September 2020, 14 November 2020


Wheelsets & Bogie

25 September 2020, 28 November 2020


Electrical Traction System

26 September 2020, 9 October 2020


Thermal Traction System

10 October 2020


Vehicle Control Systems

6 November 2020, 27 November 2020


Safety Systems

23 October 2020


System Integration

24 October 2020, 13 November 2020, 4 December 2020



School Time

Friday 09:10 – 16:40

Saturday 08:30 – 16:00

Weekly block classes at company’s selected location available upon request (1 ON, 1, 2 or 3 OFF).
All RSM courses can be offered as a continuous 4 days for 4 weeks “Summer School” or “Block” class.




Lessons are usually held in English. In agreement with the whole class, certain lessons can be held in Italian, German or French. Mini-theses for the respective CAS, as well as the final Master's thesis, can be written in English, Italian, German or French.




In cooperation with

Swiss Federal Railways SBB
SWISSRAIL Industry Association



Certificate of Advanced Studies SUPSI in Railways Vehicle Technology
Credits: 11 ECTS


132 hour-lesson

a.i. Luca Diviani

Applications/enrolments possible at any time previous agreement with the course responsible.


At the “Officine FFS” in Bellinzona



CHF 6'100.–
For those who already have attended a CAS of the MAS – RSM, the cost is CHF 5’700 with a further reduction of 10%. These costs include the final exam, the issue of the certificate and the documentation.

Companies with more than three (3) enrolled participants will be granted a special discount.


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